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See to touch a Rose

See to touch a Rose? The only way for me to capture the real beauty of my roses is through the lens of my camera. I love taking pictures of flowers. Photographing Roses is my favorite.Now to think I would love taking pictures as I do. My happiest moments right now and years past has been with a camera in my hand.

No joke. I must say it is joyful moments such as these you see here in my photos. Such beauty God created for us to see. I feel with our eyes we should be able to feel and touch. I look deep within the picture as if the picture can talk. Look closely at the Natural Beauty. Hear it speak. Today I share pictures for you to “See to touch a Rose.”













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Blackeyed Peas 2010

Its Pea Picking Time!! Blackeyed Peas 2009 is where I started out planting my garden.  Or should I say I got serious about it.  Made myself a Blog Page as you see here TBerrys Garden.  I found a love for watching and growing my own garden as my father had in the past.  Now I see why he loved gardening so much.  As you can see hard work in the beginning of the season really pays off.  I love to look back at how far I have come at growing my own vegetable garden.  If I can do it.  Anyone can.  Also see Blackeyd Peas 2011

June 1st This time of the year is all I can do to keep up with my shelling of the peas. Shown here in picture. Is my fresh shelled peas. I now will blanch these and put in 1qt or 1gal Freezer bags to be frozen.

They are well worth all the hard work.

For more info on growing peas in the South. Click here Do it yourself Vegetable Gardening in the South  This site here has a great source of information  for a first time gardener. 

Crook Neck Squash 2010

Crook Neck Squash

Planted March 26 th Crook Neck Squash

Picture taken April 19th shortly after I had watered.

Crook Neck Squash

Crook Neck Squash

Where the Greens Are?

These 3 pictures were taken after I had harvested the Turnips and Mustard Greens. I only clipped the tops of them. This to allow them to grow more leaves.

The powdery substance that you see on the leaves of the Greens is Seven Dust.

Broadleaf Mustard

November 18th. Today I harvested all the mustard from the garden (cutting just leaf). Thanksgiving is right around the corner.   I was thinking about waiting till we had our first frost here in Florida.  Maybe 2 days before Thanksgiving Thursday.   I changed my mind because these big leaves were falling over starting to get too big. I decided to harvest and give away to friends. The leaves of these mustard greens I was so proud of. They are huge. I didn’t want to wait till the bugs started to get to them. Temperature here in Florida still in the high to mid 70’s. These greens are too beautiful to let the bugs have them. I do see a few aphids on the leaves of some, but they haven’t did any damage yet. I manage to harvest a 1 and a 1/2-13 gal garbage bag full.  I rinsed them off in my small wheel barrel til they were squeaky clean.

Weather Today the weather outside is beautiful.  I couldn’t have picked a better day to harvest my vegetables. Mid 70’s.  I am now hoping for the cold weather to start.  Maybe by the time I pick my next mess of greens a frost will have come and gone.  A light frost on the greens seems to sweeten them up at cooking time. They don’t have that bitter taste.  But, I have taken my greens before and washed them put them in freezer bags and its does the same thing.  They frost right up!  Florida for ya.

Garden Talk

I started over with my peas.  Pulled  all  the bushes up on the 20th and replanted them Monday 22nd.  Oh Boy, the weather here in Florida is scorching.   It has been high 90’s and has even went in the 100’s.  I have to really start out early in the mornings like 6am is a good time for me to beat the heat and sun.  Today Friday 26th I really feel like I got alotdone today.  Starting out with watering of my Okra (cow horn) andfertilizing it.  I did alotof hoeing pulling up weeds from around my okra and my Newly planted tomato bushes.  Then today we had a late afternoon thunderstorm.  That worked out great.   I have always heard okra likes hot weather and plenty of  water.   Today was the first time that I had fertilized it since I planted the okra.  It has got a ways to grow in height yet.  So far so good, it sure is pretty.  The top of the okra is just up to my nose.  I am sure it’s tallness will pass me up because I am only about 5’1″ a short person.   I have cut quite a bit of okra off  the bushes already.  After today with me fertilizing it, I am sure it will take off.  I have always heard that keeping it cut is hard to do .  For instance keeping up  is to cut the okra pods off every single day.   After today since I fertilized it.  I bet I won’t be able to keep up it cut.   I was told by the lady that gave me this okra seed, that if I wanted to save the best seed, that I should  leave  the first 4 pods that grow on the bush, just for seeds.  To  leave them and let them grow, cutting all the rest just above those pods.  This way those pods get the most nutrients and is the first fruits etc.  I didn’t do this though.  Because I also had someone tell me that if you let the okra pods grow longer than expected that it would stunt the bush.   Oh well, this year at loosing all my tomato’s and this being my first year  growing okra.   I thought I would be careful and just try and grow it producing as much okra as I can.  I still have plenty of seed still that Mr and Mrs Deel gave me.  My experience next year will be more successful  I am hoping.  As they say, experience is good. Years of experience is the best.  I know I have a lot to learn.  I might grow for seeds next year.   I know one thing from experience.  Nothing is quite like going out to your on yard and cutting yourself  fresh vegetables to cook and eat.  No matter where you live gardening can be an enjoyable experience.  Big or small.  One of my most best times of the day is when I am  in my garden.  Mostly because I find myself in prayer and at that moment take the chance to look around and see nature for what the Lord has intended  us to see from all that he created.  We all are to enjoy his creations.  I must say my garden is where God’s at,  for me this is where  I always feel his presence a peacefulness of nature all around me while I am  in the garden.  Thankful for such beauty he has created.  God is an awesome God!


Rain Rain Go Away….

May 23, 2009

I woke up to another rainy day.  What a way to spend a Saturday.  I haven’t saw this much rain since 1994.  I went outside to feed Bows-er(turtle & friends. They all seem to be enjoying all this rain.  Good thing that the bricks are around the pond or else I would have fish and a turtle floating away.   My garden is standing in water.  I am starting to worry about my tomato bushes now after a week of them standing in water.   Around noon today when I went out to check all the damage from the rain.  Everything seem to look pretty good considering days of rain non stop.  I am surprised I even have soil around the plants still.  The tomatos bushes I planted in a dip this year so that when everything did get dry, I could easily get water to the roots.   Awhile ago I had to make a trinch for the water to run off my tomato bushes and my squash.   I am hoping this will help some.   Thank God the Sun is out and the birds are singing.  It’s such a blessing to finally see the sunshine I have to admit.