Picture of a type of insect/bugs on my muscadine grapevine

Aphid Bugsthis is the bugs that I have to put up with every year on my grapevine. 






THESE I HATE !! They suck the life out of it.  Just as soon as I think I have gotten rid of them.  They quickly come right back.  I have to check the leaves of the grapevine every single day.  And when I see any.  I get them off by spraying the leaves with cold water.  They come right back._________________________________________________________________________________________________




This bug I had in the picture and didn’t even know it.

Lady bugs are a gardeners best friend.  I sure wish I had more of them for this grapevine.





tberrys  bug05/13/09 On Black eyed Pea Leaf

dsc06887 spider This is my greatest nightmare here.  I hate spiders, especially these kind.  This I am almost pretty sure is a baby Banana Spider.






This is a larger image of a Banana Spider.  When these grow bigger is when I start neglecting my garden. 

dsc06887 spider enlarged












TBerrys Garden Wasp

This is a real Florida Stinger here!  A nice wasp because he didn’t sting me! 4/302009













June 16th

dsc07516aNot sure to what kind of bug this is at this time.   I know I have seen it every year.  It normally is a all green in color.   Which could be here an older bug.  I think the green ones are just young.  I have heard that these bugs will sting you.   I have been lucky so far to not get stung.  I know they love to get on the peas.  If your not careful you will pull one up in your hand along with the pea and it stings ya.

July 2nd Stink Bug Follow up.  Scientific name is Pentatomidae/its body has 5 sectionals.  And boy does it stink.  Click on link below and it will show you more detail about this bug. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stink_bug