Purple Muscadine Grapes is about 4 years old.  This year my husband built me another arbor fence for it.  I am going to do my best to take better care of it now that I have the new sturdy support that I didn’t have before.   I think he did a great job on it.  I designed it myself in hopes of having more grapes this year.  Past years it would have many grapes but before they could mature, the birds and bugs (aphids ? I think) would devour them all.   I got this grapevine from my favorite brother n law.  It has really did well every year considering that getting no more than a handful every year.

Muscadine Grapevine is at far right.Grapevine Arbor/fencepicture here taken 04/29/2009

Take a look at the bug Page link (aphids) I think thats whats on this grapevine.  I sprayed them today whatever kind of bug they may be.  I always have such a problem out of these bugs every year.  In the past I have given up on killing them.  This year I’m hoping I can do a better job at keeping these off this year.


Picture taken 04/29/2009

This picture has my favorite bug on the grapevine in it taken by mistake.  I just wish I had more of this type of bug.  Check out my bug page/favorite bug.   HINT: every gardener likes this kind of bug.


Tberrys grapevine

May 29th 2009

This picture isn’t the greatest but it lets you see just how much it has grown in a months time. I feel like it would grow much better if it was more in the sun.



DSC07630This picture you can tell that I haven’t been feeding it or watering my grapevine as I should have. When  Spider season starts (Banana Spiders) Most of my outdoor activity comes to a halt. They are many all around in Florida.

This spider  was hanging close by. Yikes!Banana Spider 09 25 09


Replanting my Grapevine 1/21/11

Today I pruned back my grapevine.  While in the process doing this and it being my first time.  I was checking around the root system.  I had that morning read some useful info on a website that instructed me how to prune and care for a grapevine.  Info read to have only one trunk (base of plant) to grapevine.  While looking at the base of my grapevine.  I became very confuse.  By the looks of mine I could see at least three of four trunks.   I had questions to what was wrong with it.  This lead me as to find the problem to why mine had so many trunks.  So at the base of the plant I was feeling around the base of my grapevine.  I could feel many roots and vines that were all wrapped around each other (root bound) in the ground.  The soil was very dry.  I wound up digging the grapevine up and separating it.  To my surprise I had 3 grapevines growing all together.   I replanted the best grapevine out of the all three vines.   I am hoping this will help it and not kill it.   I will be posting a update in the spring.   Until then I’m keeping my fingers crossed.