November 18th Today is the day I am harvesting the first mess of turnips from my garden.  Boy, that sounds very southern talk to me.  Turnips this time of year are growing very well here in Florida.  I am happy with my small garden with  2 small rows of turnips.  My first harvest is going to friends.  The only thing I am doing is cutting the tops off (leaves).  I am leaving the roots of the turnip plants and in about 2 to 3 weeks they will be ready for cutting again.  This time of year they are normally growing pretty fast.  But, of course to me they seem to grow faster with cooler temperatures.  Our temperatures here in Florida have reached the high 70’s and low 80’s at time.  Cool at night.  These turnips like my mustard greens haven’t had no frost.

Harvested Today I harvested a big  13 gal plastic garbage bag.  1 whole bag full.  I rinsed them off in my wheel barrel till they were squeaky clean and given away to friends.  I always give my first harvest away. Happy friends I have ! I love this part of gardening.  Thanksgiving is here and I am so thankful.