TBERRY’S Onions 

Picture Below taken March 25th.  They are doing well now.  This is my first year at planting onions.  

ONIONS!  I know they cause BAD BREATH!   I also  as a little girl, I  remember them being in  my Dads garden at home all year long.  I was raised on onions, black eyed peas and cornbread. 

These multiplying onions I had planted these months ago along with Turnips, Collards, Spinach.  They should by now be much bigger than they are. 

I later found out the trick to growing onions is they love lime *sweetened soil.   I just wish I would have known this lime trick sooner than now.   They by now would have been much bigger.  Yes, they cause bad breath we all know that but I still love them.  Lot’s of teeth brushing and scope mouthwash is a must very often.  I still don’t feel safe.  I try to stay my distance and keep breath mints in the mouth.   


Multiplying Onions 03/25/2009

I love how they multiply.  Plant one bulb and it within a couple of days it multiplies to 2 or 3 more too it.  I separate them often and replant them.   I especially like to cook with these fresh onions.  These onions perk up the taste in many dishes.   Nothing like walking out into your garden and picking them fresh.


5/13/09 TBerrys Multipying Onions
5/13/09 TBerrys Multipying Onions

05/13/09 They really grow and multiply fast.  This is my first year and they don’t seem to be as pretty and green now that it is starting to get in the 90 degree heat here in Florida.  I have been watering them every other day.  They seem to like the cooler weather better. Multiplying onion Bloom