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Dwarf Gardenia 2013

Dwarf Gardenia May 23, 2013  This year I have planted 2 Dwarf Gardenias in my front yard where they can get plenty of sunshine.  They right now are loaded with blooms and have been continuously blooming for a month.  Pretty and sweet.  This plant grows to mature height of 3 feet with a 3 foot spread.   The white blooms can add a nice fragrance to any landscape.




Crook Neck Squash 2010

Crook Neck Squash

Planted March 26 th Crook Neck Squash

Picture taken April 19th shortly after I had watered.

Crook Neck Squash

Crook Neck Squash

OKRA-Cow horn 2010

It’s sure been a busy time for me since I last posted. My Garden has really kept me pretty busy. COW HORN OKRA pictured here. I will do my best at postings with updated photos soon.

4 19 2010 Photo

Cow Horn Okra


June 8, 2010 2 rows of Cow Horn Okra

May 12,2010

Compost Bed

Today I turned it or should I say stirred it up.  My worms are growing well and seem to be getting big and fat.  I have been putting all my leftover vegetables,  in together with soil and mulched leaves from my yard.  I have been mixing this for over a year now.  I started mine out with a small plastic round garden pond.  It seems to be working out great.  I also dumped in some fishing worms that my son and I had left over from  fishing.  Today I sprinkled a little gardening lime and mixed well.  They say this is what will help it to break down quicker and also that the worms love the sweet soil. eweh!!

I put wigglers in here during the summer months but this looks like an earthworm to me.

This here I think is a grubb, the kind that gets into your lawn and eats the roots of your grass up.  I am not sure though.  I will have to check into this.

Vegetable Garden

My 1st picked squash.  After 3 days of rain I walk out to my garden and see the squash plants under water only the leaves of the plant shining through. As I look closer at my squash plant beneath the sand with a steady stream of water flowing over it.  As I get closer I see peeping at me part of a submerged yellow squash burried beneath the watery sand.  Squash doesn’t take long to grow.  This one here is only about 3 to 4 days old. Squash matures very fast.  It can be harvested every other day.  This one squash could be steamed cooked in the microwave with butter and onions.   YUM YUM. Squash 05 21 09