my pond turtle Jan 2009








 This is my sons Yellow Belly Slider Turtle named Bowlser.  We have had him for about 3 years now. This picture above shows that he truly loves his home with his 4 goldfish friends.  This picture was taken last year when I had took him out of the water to let him crawl around on the grass.  Just as I placed him in the grass he made his way back to the pond crawling fast as he could.  This is just before he steers over the rock and back  into the water.  I know, I didn’t believe it either.  I gave him a chance for a little freedom and exercise, he chose to stay with his friends. 


DSC06582Bowser is at home here surounded with his 4 gold fish friends.  His home is right beside my garden.  Him pictured getting his sun for today.   I feed him and the fish in  the morning just before I make my rounds in the garden.  He sits quitely on the rock sunbathing and watching my every move.   My enjoyment of the day is to sit in my nearby swing with a hot cup of coffee, watching him.  It is such a comfort to sit early morning hours reading scripture from the Bible/Bible Study and most of all prayer.  Looking all around me at all God has created.  Gods presence are always near.  I always wonder what’s just ahead blessings counted, days ahead….”God is always in the midst”.   Pictures of his creations always amases me.