November 18th. Today I harvested all the mustard from the garden (cutting just leaf). Thanksgiving is right around the corner.   I was thinking about waiting till we had our first frost here in Florida.  Maybe 2 days before Thanksgiving Thursday.   I changed my mind because these big leaves were falling over starting to get too big. I decided to harvest and give away to friends. The leaves of these mustard greens I was so proud of. They are huge. I didn’t want to wait till the bugs started to get to them. Temperature here in Florida still in the high to mid 70’s. These greens are too beautiful to let the bugs have them. I do see a few aphids on the leaves of some, but they haven’t did any damage yet. I manage to harvest a 1 and a 1/2-13 gal garbage bag full.  I rinsed them off in my small wheel barrel til they were squeaky clean.

Weather Today the weather outside is beautiful.  I couldn’t have picked a better day to harvest my vegetables. Mid 70’s.  I am now hoping for the cold weather to start.  Maybe by the time I pick my next mess of greens a frost will have come and gone.  A light frost on the greens seems to sweeten them up at cooking time. They don’t have that bitter taste.  But, I have taken my greens before and washed them put them in freezer bags and its does the same thing.  They frost right up!  Florida for ya.