Green Anole Anolis carolinensis

Pictures taken March 15, 2011 I have many pictures of Lizards. Just because they are so plentiful here in Florida. I can say though this is the first of any fighting. From these pictures it seems these two were pretty even at the score as to who won. I can’t tell. I don’t know male or female either. These critters can be a pest. They are harmless. I don’t mind having them around to catch some of the unwanted bugs. They do ever now and then get into the house. I hate when that happens.! I normally pick them up and throw them back into the yard. Some aren’t that lucky get missed and they die from starvation.. I have did very little research.  I found a very interesting website that I will keep in my bookmarks.  A Great Website click here more info on Green Anole.   Also see  Jonathan Logos wordpress link to my opinion as interesting writer.