TBerry’s Peas, I planted on March 18Th.Blackeyed Peas 03/25/2009 This is one of the most easiest things to grow in my garden.

<<—-Picturehere taken just one week  later March 25Th



TBerry’s peas today! 03/29/2009

Blackeyed Peas03/29/2009

This Picture taken May 12th,2009 Look Closely at the blossom of the pea.  You can’t tell the color by this picture, but this flower is a pickish lavendar in color, yellow center.  Beautiful !Blackeyed pea blossomBlackeyed Peas May 12 2009Look closely here at these pictures and you can see the peas starting to come on the plant. May 12th 2009


Posted 06/20/2009 Keeping up with my Garden of Peas in May has been a job.   I am loving every minute.  Sorry on  having to post here in June.   Here are some pictures I took on May 29th.   DSC07245


Pictured here all the peas from one picking to Shell “Help” !   I have a 82 yr old lady friend who loves to shell peas for me.  I’ll just have to give her a call.   Yes, “God is Sooo good to me”.DSC07303 I must say,  I’ve never  had a problem finding someone to take them.  A good way welcome a  friend/neighbor  is with fresh vegetables from the garden.

June 16th, was my last Picking.  Here in this picture you can see why.  These little bugs will sting the fire out of you.  I have heard people call them a stink bug.  I am not sure what its true name is.  I don’t like them.  Hot tempertures are soaring right now.  Rain has slacked off and these bugs are many.DSC07488 I pulled all these peas bushes up and I am now getting ready to replant more peas.


Black Eyed Peas 2010

This year I planted March 27th and by March 30th they are sprouted.