Peppers are one of my favorites to plant.  This year I was looking for Banana pepper plants for my March planting.  I wasn’t able to find any plants that were named Banana Pepper.  They were probably already sold out of them.  So I took my pick of a what you call Cubanelle Pepper.

Sweet Pepper. Cubanelle peppers are also called banana peppers, and Italian sweets.

Cubanelle peppers are similar to Anaheim peppers but slightly less flavorful. They are considered a sweet pepper. Cubanelles can be stuffed or used in salads and casseroles. Also good on pizzas or subs.

Cubanelle peppers are long and tapered, and either red or pale green or yellow. They can be substituted in recipes calling for Anaheim peppers. The cubanelle should be firm, smooth and glossy.

I planted about 3 plants March 20th during the late part of the evening.

Bannana PepperCubenelle Pepper/Banana Pepper

This picture was taken May 12th.  They grow pretty fast. I think if I had of fertilized them more with some liquid fertilizer they would have been much bigger by now.


Pepper Blooms

This is a Bell Pepper Plant (Big Bertha)  Blooms



I set these plants out today.  They are very healthy plants. ( Zodiac sign Balance Libra Reins).

Sweet banana peppers are popular garden-variety peppers. The banana pepper is a very productive plant producing banana-shaped fruits that change from pale to deep yellow or orange as they mature.

Sweet banana peppers are sweet, long, tapered, yellow and banana-shaped, hence the name. Sweet Banana peppers may be fried or sautéed, used raw on relish platters, in salads, sand-wiches or stuffed.