This is one of my favorites to plant.  Last year was the first time that I planted any of these.  I have them here by the fence so they can climb up the fence.  This year they seem to be getting a slow start.  I guess its because we haven’t had much rain as of April 29Th.DSC06558DSC06557

My Speckled Butter Beans don’t seem to be doing as good as they did last year.  I’m not sure why.  Here on June 16th, I just picked a few pods to show you to what the Speckled Butter Beans look like.  DSC07496They don’t grow as fast as the peas.  So I pick these and mix them in with the Blackeyed peas when I cook them.  This is only my second year.  With all the rain and all, I am not sure why they are producing less than last year.  Oh well, only time will tell.  Until they produce more on the bush.  I will continue to mix them in with my peas at cooking time.

dsc07503aOh Boy !  Yes Wasp is what I found hanging in the Speckled Butter beans.  Forget picking these beans today.  Florida You will find wasp nest hanging most anywhere.