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Tomatoes May 17, 2011

TBerrys Tomatoes are growing well.  This morning I saw at least 6 tomatoes hanging on one bush.  I am getting ready to go ahead a pick some of the biggest ones shown here tomorrow.  For Fried Green tomatoes.  I just last week fertilized them with Lime, 10-10-10, and Magnesium Sulphate.  Last week we also had a good rain shower to water it all in well.  Today all the vegetables are looking great.  I can’t wait to taste this big tomato tomorrow.

Picture May 17, 2011 First picking yes!!

Picture May 17, 2011 pictured here are 4 tomatoes hanging together making it at least 6 or more tomatoes on the bush.


Blackeyed Peas 4/28/2011


First Bloom Peas 4/28/2011

Peas are now in Bloom. Weather is very dry.  Rain is in the forcast. Praying for Rain!!!  Click here to see last years Field Peas 2010 growing

Tomatoes Full Bloom 4/27/2011

Celebrity Tomatoes:  This variety is my favorite again this year. And now in full bloom.  Starting out so far so good. This is the first blooms and tomatoes.  My mouth is watering with just the smell at each touch of the leaves.  Such a wonderful fragrance.  These are the first of my pictures this year.  At this time the weather is great except for it being very dry at the moment.  No rain have we had in over 3 weeks.  Looks to be a dry year again. 

Celebrity Tomatoes Picture here is first of blooms 4/28/2011

Planting:  This year I planted each plant by digging deep whole and placing each tomatoe plant into hole with at least half of the plant covered with soil.  I first removed bottom leaves of each plant only leaving 2 branches of leaves sticking up from the ground.  I was told by a friend that this encourages more strength to the bush and root system. 


Fertilize:  I fertilized with 10-10- 10 very little after a week of being planted.  Lime: Tomatoes are lime lovers, and greener upper they absorb quickly so I only put aproxmately 2 tablespoons of lime around each plant  to start out with.  Then as plant gets bigger I monitor each plant according to how green it is.  I also think it keeps down tomatoe plant deseases.  Always watering plant at the base only is another thing I think keeps plant healthy and green.  Everyone may have other tips on growing tomatoes.  Please leave comments as to how your tomatoes are doing such as tips and tricks according to what state you live in is very important. 

Important Note: We can always add lime fertilizer but…remember we can’t take it away once it has been added to the soil.  Many vegetables according to soil by state and lacation varies with applying any kind of fertilizer.

Picture taken 4/28/2011 See here is first tomatoe

 Here is a Website I have found very useful information at growing tomatoes, diseases etc.  Click here   Also info adding  Epsom Salt, Magnesium to your vegetables Click here.

Florida Garden Mourning Dove 4/27/2011

Just a small update to as to where I have been.  Busy I am that is with weeds in my garden.  I haven’t had time at posting as usual.  So here it goes. I seem to now be watering my garden pretty much every other day.  Trying to keep up. The soil is very sandy and dry right now. Picture below is it, to as just how sandy the garden is right now.  Everything seems to be growing well though. So far so good.  Pictured below-to the far right is COW HORN OKRA.  Yesterday I weeded the weeds out as good as I could then all around each of the Okra plants I placed Oak leaves to hold in moisture.  Last year I didn’t do this until later in the summer.   Just today I took this picture.  Boy oh boy the Okra seems to have grown lots just since yesterday.

Picture below here as you can see.  I know this is no big deal. But here you will see I took a picture of a Dove.  I spotted this Dove today as I was walking around in my garden.  I couldn’t resist taking a quick picture of this dove who was sitting so very still.  At this time it was very hot outside. My outdoor thermometer is reading 98 degrees F.  I think you can tell by the picture just how dry the ground is.

Here is a website for more info on these gentle little birds.

Mourning Dove  more info click here to this website

FL Weather 04/05/2011

Rain has been in the forecast for my area for some time now. Yet only a sprinkle did we get about 3 days ago. Just enough only to dampen the ground. The past week everyone around us has gotten a nice shower or two. Now today finally a hard windy down pour of rain came to us this morning. What a relief to hear. I was so glad to hear it pounding upon my roof around 6am this morning. My garden was pretty much starting to dry out. You could tell it really needed a good soaking. I have been consistent at watering pretty much every other day. Even with all the watering the soil was still pretty dry. Yesterday it was pretty hot and humid outside. I was pretty sure we were going to get some rain. The little watering that I do isn’t nothing compared to Gods watering. Today I didn’t go outside till later in the evening . And as I took a stroll through my garden I could feel a chill in the air. Temperature gage only reads about 64 F. Tonight weather forecast is to get around 48 F, early morning hours of 3pm temp is to only be 51 F and tomorrow only around 74 F. I am looking forward to tomorrow after the rain we had today. This is just a thought for tomorrow while the soil is wet I will possibly try to fertilize most everything. I feel this is a good time to apply 10-10-10 giving it another boost. 


Blackeyed Peas 2010

Its Pea Picking Time!! Blackeyed Peas 2009 is where I started out planting my garden.  Or should I say I got serious about it.  Made myself a Blog Page as you see here TBerrys Garden.  I found a love for watching and growing my own garden as my father had in the past.  Now I see why he loved gardening so much.  As you can see hard work in the beginning of the season really pays off.  I love to look back at how far I have come at growing my own vegetable garden.  If I can do it.  Anyone can.  Also see Blackeyd Peas 2011

June 1st This time of the year is all I can do to keep up with my shelling of the peas. Shown here in picture. Is my fresh shelled peas. I now will blanch these and put in 1qt or 1gal Freezer bags to be frozen.

They are well worth all the hard work.

For more info on growing peas in the South. Click here Do it yourself Vegetable Gardening in the South  This site here has a great source of information  for a first time gardener. 

OKRA-Cow horn 2010

It’s sure been a busy time for me since I last posted. My Garden has really kept me pretty busy. COW HORN OKRA pictured here. I will do my best at postings with updated photos soon.

4 19 2010 Photo

Cow Horn Okra


June 8, 2010 2 rows of Cow Horn Okra

May 12,2010