May 23, 2009

I woke up to another rainy day.  What a way to spend a Saturday.  I haven’t saw this much rain since 1994.  I went outside to feed Bows-er(turtle & friends. They all seem to be enjoying all this rain.  Good thing that the bricks are around the pond or else I would have fish and a turtle floating away.   My garden is standing in water.  I am starting to worry about my tomato bushes now after a week of them standing in water.   Around noon today when I went out to check all the damage from the rain.  Everything seem to look pretty good considering days of rain non stop.  I am surprised I even have soil around the plants still.  The tomatos bushes I planted in a dip this year so that when everything did get dry, I could easily get water to the roots.   Awhile ago I had to make a trinch for the water to run off my tomato bushes and my squash.   I am hoping this will help some.   Thank God the Sun is out and the birds are singing.  It’s such a blessing to finally see the sunshine I have to admit.