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Cow horn Okra May 17, 2011

TBerrys watching the okra that doesn’t seem to have taken off as I expected.   I have lost a few bushes.  Not sure to as why maybe to not enough rain.  We didn’t get any rain for a long time till last week.  This is just an update of the Okra.  As you can see here pictured to the far right they are not more than a foot tall and they are putting out blooms for the ones that are left growing


May 17, 2011 Cow Horn Okra can see first Blooms


Okra (Cow horn)2011

Planted Okra earlier than usual 3/14/2011.  I can’t believe it’s up already.  I have watered it every other day because Okra loves water.  I enjoyed growing it so much last year.  For first time gardeners I recommend you giving it a try.  Lots of fun keeping up with it.  This year I am expecting it to get even taller than last years.  I planted it as early as I possibly could after frost and cold weather.

Picture taken 3-23-2011

Crook Neck Squash 2010

Crook Neck Squash

Planted March 26 th Crook Neck Squash

Picture taken April 19th shortly after I had watered.

Crook Neck Squash

Crook Neck Squash

The Garden Stink Bug (Pentatomidae)

July 2nd  

 This is just a  follow up on the Stink Bug.  Scientific name is Pentatomidae/its body has 5 sectionals.  And it does stink.  Click on link below it will show a more detailed picture and info about this bug.

Garden Talk

I started over with my peas.  Pulled  all  the bushes up on the 20th and replanted them Monday 22nd.  Oh Boy, the weather here in Florida is scorching.   It has been high 90’s and has even went in the 100’s.  I have to really start out early in the mornings like 6am is a good time for me to beat the heat and sun.  Today Friday 26th I really feel like I got alotdone today.  Starting out with watering of my Okra (cow horn) andfertilizing it.  I did alotof hoeing pulling up weeds from around my okra and my Newly planted tomato bushes.  Then today we had a late afternoon thunderstorm.  That worked out great.   I have always heard okra likes hot weather and plenty of  water.   Today was the first time that I had fertilized it since I planted the okra.  It has got a ways to grow in height yet.  So far so good, it sure is pretty.  The top of the okra is just up to my nose.  I am sure it’s tallness will pass me up because I am only about 5’1″ a short person.   I have cut quite a bit of okra off  the bushes already.  After today with me fertilizing it, I am sure it will take off.  I have always heard that keeping it cut is hard to do .  For instance keeping up  is to cut the okra pods off every single day.   After today since I fertilized it.  I bet I won’t be able to keep up it cut.   I was told by the lady that gave me this okra seed, that if I wanted to save the best seed, that I should  leave  the first 4 pods that grow on the bush, just for seeds.  To  leave them and let them grow, cutting all the rest just above those pods.  This way those pods get the most nutrients and is the first fruits etc.  I didn’t do this though.  Because I also had someone tell me that if you let the okra pods grow longer than expected that it would stunt the bush.   Oh well, this year at loosing all my tomato’s and this being my first year  growing okra.   I thought I would be careful and just try and grow it producing as much okra as I can.  I still have plenty of seed still that Mr and Mrs Deel gave me.  My experience next year will be more successful  I am hoping.  As they say, experience is good. Years of experience is the best.  I know I have a lot to learn.  I might grow for seeds next year.   I know one thing from experience.  Nothing is quite like going out to your on yard and cutting yourself  fresh vegetables to cook and eat.  No matter where you live gardening can be an enjoyable experience.  Big or small.  One of my most best times of the day is when I am  in my garden.  Mostly because I find myself in prayer and at that moment take the chance to look around and see nature for what the Lord has intended  us to see from all that he created.  We all are to enjoy his creations.  I must say my garden is where God’s at,  for me this is where  I always feel his presence a peacefulness of nature all around me while I am  in the garden.  Thankful for such beauty he has created.  God is an awesome God!


Pea Picking Time

Peas are growing well right now.  The rainy days don’t seem to bother them like my poor old tomato’s.  With picking my peas, I have had at least 4 good pickings of peas from my garden.  Each picking a 5 gal bucket full.   I have been shelling them as fast as I can.  And of course I have given some of them away to friends.  After I shell them I really enjoy blanching them and putting them in my freezer.  Blanching them to eat on months later.  They are as fresh tasting  months later with the blanching technique. This is one of my favorite dishes to cook.  My daughter and I love to lay pods of fresh whole okra on top of the peas 15 to 20 minutes just before the peas a well done.  Cooking a few pods of okra with the peas gives them a better flavor.  I know some people would say, Yuk !  But, that is the way my mother cooked peas for years.  I always wondered why my cooked peas didn’t seem to have the same flavor.  Moms secret  God rest her soul now,,I miss her.  Her secreat to the good tasting peas was it,,, cooking them with the okra.  Hhmmm  I’m getting hungry!!! just thinking about it.

Fried Green Tomatos

After having to pull all my tomatos off the damaged bush.  This is my simple recipe for Fried Green Tomatos.  I prefer my tomatos dipped in flour but this recipe can be substituted with cornmeal in place of the flour. 
FRIED GREEN TOMATOS                                                          
2 or 3 green tomatoes, sliced 1/4 inch thick
1 to 2 beaten eggs
1/2 c. flour
Salt and pepper to taste
Oil for frying
 Dip green tomato into beaten egg mixtures , then dip in  flour.  Salt and pepper and fry on both side in oil until lightly brown on both sides.  Best served immediately. 
My next dish of thought.  I’ve heard Fried Green Tomatos with Okra mixed together are tasty.  I haven’t tried that recipe yet.  If anyone  knows of a Tomato and Okra recipe please let me know.    I have Okra to cut soon.   They Love the rain. 🙂