March and have I been busy preparing  my garden for planting.  I had very good success all winter with my Turnips, Mustard and Collards. Even my first at growing GARLIC.  I harvested very little spinach.   I have a ways to go with growing spinach. With trial and error I think they like limed soil. Don’t take my word on that though.  I just jotted that down for my records only.  I have lots to learn with growing spinach. All my greens were all looking great from the very cold weather we had here in Florida. I put up lots into the freezer and also gave lots away.  I have such a small area that I had to pulled perfectly good plants up to make room for the Spring Vegetable Planting.  We still have cooler temperatures here than normal.  Last night it was in the 40’s.  Today it’s to warm up to the 70’s.  I notice that many gardens in this area I live still have Collards and Mustard Greens in their garden.  I would to if I had more room for planting.

Lets move on to growing Florida Tomatoes.  I planted Celebrity Tomatoes again this year. I wanted to give them another shot this year.  Last years experience for me was a disaster as you can see from my last years postings. Oh No Not My Tomatoes!! Last year I got off to a good start with my tomatoes.  Then we had a very rainy season. What a bummer!  I lost all my tomato Bushes. This year I am going to try to prepare to do even better.  We live and learn from our mistakes.  This year I planted tomatoes Friday March 19th .  Last year I had started out much earlier with all my planting.  Nervous this year because we had so many freezes.  My tomato bushes seem to be doing well so far.  As they grow I will do my best to post updated pictures and comments.  All comments and pointers are welcome. I will do my best to answer replies as soon as I can.  Happy Gardening to you.  You will find me in the Garden.