Today I turned it or should I say stirred it up.  My worms are growing well and seem to be getting big and fat.  I have been putting all my leftover vegetables,  in together with soil and mulched leaves from my yard.  I have been mixing this for over a year now.  I started mine out with a small plastic round garden pond.  It seems to be working out great.  I also dumped in some fishing worms that my son and I had left over from  fishing.  Today I sprinkled a little gardening lime and mixed well.  They say this is what will help it to break down quicker and also that the worms love the sweet soil. eweh!!

I put wigglers in here during the summer months but this looks like an earthworm to me.

This here I think is a grubb, the kind that gets into your lawn and eats the roots of your grass up.  I am not sure though.  I will have to check into this.