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Peas and Fried Green Tomatoes!! (First Harvest May 19, 2011)

Picture May 19, 2011 TBerrys First Harvest of Peas and Green Tomatoes

Well here it goes.  You can guess what’s cooking for Dinner tonight.  I just picked my first harvest of peas and tomatoes.  Now my work is cut out for me.  Shelling them  is the job.  It’s all worth it .  I don’t mean to sound like I am complaining.  While shelling these peas.  I like to find me a Bible study lesson or a good old gospel preaching to listen at while I am shelling away at these peas my ears are open.

I have a favorite website for when I am not able to read the word.  Shelling peas is a good time for it.  I hope many will agree there is no excuse these days for not learning the Truth(Gods Word).  When I am not able to read I can just key in the KJV on my favorite website at Sermon Audio and it will read any Chapter and verse  for me.  This website has it all  click here Gospel preaching and Bible Study.  God has been good to me, so yes I do get excited.  No way can I ever take a stroll through TBerrys Garden and not say “Thank Ya Jesus!”  Right now it’s Beautiful and lot’s of work to be done.  Will you join me Sermon Audio.   To all my Gardening friends I am sure you’ve heard, my ears are open to the word.  Fingers dare not on the keys but shelling peas, Amen!!


Florida Garden Mourning Dove 4/27/2011

Just a small update to as to where I have been.  Busy I am that is with weeds in my garden.  I haven’t had time at posting as usual.  So here it goes. I seem to now be watering my garden pretty much every other day.  Trying to keep up. The soil is very sandy and dry right now. Picture below is it, to as just how sandy the garden is right now.  Everything seems to be growing well though. So far so good.  Pictured below-to the far right is COW HORN OKRA.  Yesterday I weeded the weeds out as good as I could then all around each of the Okra plants I placed Oak leaves to hold in moisture.  Last year I didn’t do this until later in the summer.   Just today I took this picture.  Boy oh boy the Okra seems to have grown lots just since yesterday.

Picture below here as you can see.  I know this is no big deal. But here you will see I took a picture of a Dove.  I spotted this Dove today as I was walking around in my garden.  I couldn’t resist taking a quick picture of this dove who was sitting so very still.  At this time it was very hot outside. My outdoor thermometer is reading 98 degrees F.  I think you can tell by the picture just how dry the ground is.

Here is a website for more info on these gentle little birds.

Mourning Dove  more info click here to this website