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Peas and Fried Green Tomatoes!! (First Harvest May 19, 2011)

Picture May 19, 2011 TBerrys First Harvest of Peas and Green Tomatoes

Well here it goes.  You can guess what’s cooking for Dinner tonight.  I just picked my first harvest of peas and tomatoes.  Now my work is cut out for me.  Shelling them  is the job.  It’s all worth it .  I don’t mean to sound like I am complaining.  While shelling these peas.  I like to find me a Bible study lesson or a good old gospel preaching to listen at while I am shelling away at these peas my ears are open.

I have a favorite website for when I am not able to read the word.  Shelling peas is a good time for it.  I hope many will agree there is no excuse these days for not learning the Truth(Gods Word).  When I am not able to read I can just key in the KJV on my favorite website at Sermon Audio and it will read any Chapter and verse  for me.  This website has it all  click here Gospel preaching and Bible Study.  God has been good to me, so yes I do get excited.  No way can I ever take a stroll through TBerrys Garden and not say “Thank Ya Jesus!”  Right now it’s Beautiful and lot’s of work to be done.  Will you join me Sermon Audio.   To all my Gardening friends I am sure you’ve heard, my ears are open to the word.  Fingers dare not on the keys but shelling peas, Amen!!


Blackeyed Peas 4/28/2011


First Bloom Peas 4/28/2011

Peas are now in Bloom. Weather is very dry.  Rain is in the forcast. Praying for Rain!!!  Click here to see last years Field Peas 2010 growing

Thanks to the American Soldier


her garden

A Soldiers daughter

This day while strolling through my garden.  My thoughts ramble back to my Dad who was a gardener and I am very proud to say he was American Veteran. Thanks Dad who was in the Korean War.  And to all the American Soldiers who have fought for this Country in the past and present.  Thoughts of my Dad who served in Korean War. Today  I have more respect for all he went through now that I am older. This is just my opinion and many may not agree with.   I see so many veterans not getting the respect that our veterans so rightfully deserve.

Dad is no longer here but all his stories stay at heart are still with me.  Once again I would love to have the chance to re listen to my dad his stories and ask my dad his opinion on some of the things happening in this world today.  So many questions  he could help me to understand.  I am sure my Dad and I would share in the same issues, burdens and most of all prayer in need of for this Nation.

Proud to be an American

Thanks again to you all who served this country.   I today know just how blessed I am for Your Service.   Thanks to you and to  God for your dedicated service. Thanks for the  freedom for which this country still stands as One Nation Under God!

Thank you !! My prayer is for God to Bless and comfort every American soldier this Veterans Day.  I pray for you to receive  the love and respect that you so rightfully deserve this day.  I pray for many of you that when you are in  stress, or feel lonely, that you get a Warm Hug of appreciation and receive the comfort you need.  I pray for you all.    Please remember God is always with You.  My prayers and thoughts are with you. Thanks Again…….to you, my dad and other soldiers.  From An American Soldiers Daughter, I proudly stand and salute you. 

In Gods Love, THANK YOU!!


If interested here is a website that I ran across for the occasion

How To Salute And Pay Respects To Officers

Broadleaf Mustard Greens

GardenBuddies“Greens” Broadleaf Mustard

Today while roaming through my garden admiring the Mustard Greens that I planted back on September 26th .  I am proud.  They are beautiful. The weather here in Florida isn’t as cool as it needs to be for these Mustard.  They are so big.  To me they are ready to be harvested but I am going to wait a couple more days. I just watered them yesterday, because they were looking on the wilted side by noon time, this is tipical once the temperature outside reaches the 70’s. And this time of year it always does.  I always water early morning hours, before the sun comes out.

Of all the greens to plant, these are my favorite in their beauty. I can see now why they are called  Broadleaf Mustard.  They are such a small seed that when you sprinkle them into the ground they are hard to see.  One seed provides many leaves that grow to many and wide leaves.  The seed being so small when sowed makes it hard if you apply too many seed in one spot.  This is what I normally do, such as too many in one spot.  Then I have to thin them out, giving their leaves room to grow.  I found out last year when I planted too many seed in one spot was very bad.  I learnt a good lesson.  I don’t like to thin out the greens.  Lesson learned.  This year I was very careful to try and drop one seed at a time. I sowed them very thin.  Then I didn’t have do transplant plants so much. Great Job I did.  Pat myself on the back.   I only had to  transplanted a very few plants.  Much easier on me than last year. When I think of a Mustard Seed. I think of where Jesus said we should have the faith as a grain of mustard seed.  That’s a lot. Faith victorian Rose basket

Matthew 17:20 Reads:   And Jesus said unto them, “Because of your unbelief:  for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard see, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

Broadleaf  Mustard (Florida) Date of Picture 11/02/09


The ‘Florida Broadleaf’ Mustard plant is a large, semi-upright plant that can be grown by anybody. Not only can the plant reach up to 10” in height and 22” in spread the rich green leaves emit a fragrance that will entice everyone. This variety is very popular in the South.

Flavor Mustard is widely known for its sharp flavor. This characteristic flavor is an essential component of many dressings and sauces world-wide. Unlike other “hot” flavors, the flavor profile of mustard does not linger. Rather it presents itself quickly, dissipates, and leaves little or no after-taste.