Rain has been in the forecast for my area for some time now. Yet only a sprinkle did we get about 3 days ago. Just enough only to dampen the ground. The past week everyone around us has gotten a nice shower or two. Now today finally a hard windy down pour of rain came to us this morning. What a relief to hear. I was so glad to hear it pounding upon my roof around 6am this morning. My garden was pretty much starting to dry out. You could tell it really needed a good soaking. I have been consistent at watering pretty much every other day. Even with all the watering the soil was still pretty dry. Yesterday it was pretty hot and humid outside. I was pretty sure we were going to get some rain. The little watering that I do isn’t nothing compared to Gods watering. Today I didn’t go outside till later in the evening . And as I took a stroll through my garden I could feel a chill in the air. Temperature gage only reads about 64 F. Tonight weather forecast is to get around 48 F, early morning hours of 3pm temp is to only be 51 F and tomorrow only around 74 F. I am looking forward to tomorrow after the rain we had today. This is just a thought for tomorrow while the soil is wet I will possibly try to fertilize most everything. I feel this is a good time to apply 10-10-10 giving it another boost.