This year in February I pruned my grapevine well.  I noticed as I was watering it and pulling weeds from around the roots.  I kept noticing instead of one main trunk at the base of this grapevine.  I had three steams growing all around each other.  I hadn’t pruned my grapevine in the past as much as I should have.  I begin to realize why my grapevine didn’t seem like it was getting the nutrients as needed.  Last year I never had grapes to get big enough.  I did some research on pruning and caring for  a grapevine.  I found a website that instructed me to have only one root system coming up out of the ground. Techniques at trimming.   I got to noticing mine had not just one but at least three.   So probing around the trunk of the vine I could really feel the root system was all tangled up. Root bound.  I came to find out that I had planted three grapevines together by mistake.  So I dug the grapevines up and separated them.  I had a big mess.  I took the biggest of the three and replanted the biggest and healthiest of them all.  In had  hopes of not killing it.  Being careful to get it back in to the ground as quick as possible.  I fertilized it with blood meal and 10-10-10 fertilizer.  I watered it well that evening and then continued to water it for several days.  Here is a great website to follow on HOW TO PRUNE A GRAPEVINE

Grapevine today 3-22-2011 weeks after pruning. Circled here in the picture. What a sigh of relief for me to see this new growth.