Picture taken 3-14-2011. This is one of the two Blue Birds I spotted making a nest.


High up in the tree above my garden is a pair of Blue Birds.  Last year my husband nailed this old Birdhouse that he had built years ago.  The birdhouse has been repaired because its roof was weathered and broken.  I have seen birds flying around this bird house many times.  This is the first I have ever seen of Blue Birds.

I don’t know anything about them except what I have collected from another website on  (link)EASTERN BLUE BIRDS http://herper.tripod.com/index-3.html hope this is of some help to other bird watchers.

Picture below is both birds in one picture.  Male or female I do not know.  But the one that is on a nearby branch just above the bird house seems to be on the look out for danger.  I had a wonderful time watching them.  I haven’t seen them again since I took these pictures.  I do hope they will return back to this birdhouse again in the future.

Beautiful Blue Birds