Peas are growing well right now.  The rainy days don’t seem to bother them like my poor old tomato’s.  With picking my peas, I have had at least 4 good pickings of peas from my garden.  Each picking a 5 gal bucket full.   I have been shelling them as fast as I can.  And of course I have given some of them away to friends.  After I shell them I really enjoy blanching them and putting them in my freezer.  Blanching them to eat on months later.  They are as fresh tasting  months later with the blanching technique. This is one of my favorite dishes to cook.  My daughter and I love to lay pods of fresh whole okra on top of the peas 15 to 20 minutes just before the peas a well done.  Cooking a few pods of okra with the peas gives them a better flavor.  I know some people would say, Yuk !  But, that is the way my mother cooked peas for years.  I always wondered why my cooked peas didn’t seem to have the same flavor.  Moms secret  God rest her soul now,,I miss her.  Her secreat to the good tasting peas was it,,, cooking them with the okra.  Hhmmm  I’m getting hungry!!! just thinking about it.