This morning I dug up all my multiplying onion bulbs.  The weather has really warmed up and now it is too hot for them I think and not to mention all the rain we have had all last month.  My Garden is still pretty wet.  After not having any rain for about 2 days.   I notice about 2 weeks ago the tops of the onions were starting to turn yellow.  And with my busy schedule I just got around to digging them all up.  I rinsed all the dirt off the bulbs and  now have them in a shaded area underneath the shed for them to dry out.  Then I am planning on separating them, preparing for them to be planted in the fall (cooler temperatures).  I have really enjoyed growing them this year.  This was my first year for onions and they I feel did very well especially after I found out that they loved (lime) soil.  I don’t think they can get too much either, because after my nephews advice was to just  pour the lime on them.  That is exactly what I did and they did seem to perk up to prettier and greener tops, not to mention  they seem to started multiplying more.   Although I am no expert though this is all from my 1st years experience.  And that why I started this Garden Journal here is so I wouldn’t forget from one year to the next.  I will be able to look back on what I did.   I will be more prepared to grow them this fall and have the soil  more prepared such as lime and see if I can get them to grow bigger in the beginning of their growing season with (Cool weather).